How to ask about the quality of memorization of multiplication tables


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I was asking my daughter how well she'd memorized a couple of math tables and I used the word "solid" in the question, but then again I wondered whether it was natural?
How would you address someone and ask them about how well they've got some numbers memorized like memorizing the multiplication tables? Could you illustrate that by an example?
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    Why not simply ask: "How well have you memorized your multiplication tables?"

    What was the question you asked that had solid in it?


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    I know learning by heart in contrast with rote learning is common but I don't know if it is the most common way of asking.
    I don't know the exact wording but it was something like:

    Me: Did you memorize multiplication tables 2 and 3?
    Daughter: Yes.
    Me: Solid?
    Daughter: Solid

    Don't ask me where I got solid from cause I don't!
    I've only seen "solid" used in isolation like that as a somewhat out-of-fashion interjection of approval, and mostly between males.

    "Hey, I just passed the test/scored some dope!"

    "Solid, man!" (Good for you, glad to hear it.)

    So unless you're teaching your daughter 1970's AE street slang, I wound't use it. :p

    If you mean does "solid" mean "completely/thoroughly" or "how well", in this situation, the answer is no.
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    :oops: no use to man or beast now!
    Anyway, I'm glad I've spotted it before it's slipped in. Chalked up to experience
    Thanks Dale Texas, Keith Bradford and SwissPete
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