How to correctly write out amounts in euros.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Michael J.W. Beijer, Nov 28, 2010.

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    In a business text, is it preferable to write,

    "with a minimum penalty of € 13 and a maximum of € 135 per day."

    "with a minimum penalty of €13 and a maximum of €135 per day."


    "with a minimum penalty of 13 EUR and a maximum of 135 EUR per day."

    I am a translator, and I see all kinds of interesting variations and am looking for one final standard to stick to.

  2. Michael,

    I think you should write €50 (no space).

    People using older keyboards have no easy way to type the euro symbol, so that's probably why you are still seeing 50EUR or 50euros.

  3. airportzombie

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    From the European Union Publications Office Interinstitutional Style Guide:
    This section of the guide is still in draft form.
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    Ah, I always write it 2.50 €, but that might be because I'm almost always writing it in a French environment, if that makes sense (i.e. I'm writing it in English, but I've never had much call to write it outside France).
    (I assume they mean it's written like that in French and other languages, it's a bit confusing how they talk about 'the euro sign in graphics' and then say the opposite in the next sentence. I suppose they're going back to talking about how to do it in English...)

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