how to describe a house is good looking? another word for powerful?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by koudai8, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. koudai8 Member

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    Hi everyone!

    Do you guys think "florid" is a good choice?

    Please show me other word choices as well, thanks!

    How would you give a word for "powerful"? Like a powerful storm.
  2. Trisia

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    Florid is a bit derogative (I think...). How about "beautiful?"

    If you're searching for synonyms for "powerful", you could try a thesaurus.

    EDIT: You can't find it because it's a typo :eek: Ok, ok, derogatory :p
  3. koudai8 Member

    China, Chinese

    Oh, and i can't find the word "derrogative" in the dictionary ><a...
  4. Dimcl Senior Member

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    No, I would not use "florid". Any dictionary definition for "florid" usually uses the phrases "flowery", "excessive", "ornate" and "showy" and I would not want my beautiful house to be described as any one of these things.:)

    A house can be "handsome", "striking", "attractive", "beautiful", "stunning", "pretty", "cute", etc. It just depends on the character, age and appearance of the house.
  5. koudai8 Member

    China, Chinese
    Thank you so much!

    Problem solved...

    thanks to bibliolept
  6. bibliolept

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    Yes, florid sounds derogatory.

    I like "stunning" and "handsome" and "charming" and "inviting."

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