How to describe nicely an intermediate level in a foreign language?


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Hello All,

I'm currently writing a cover letter for a position. I'd like to mention that I have an intermediate knowledge in German.
Can I say that I have a good command of German? Or does it mean that I'm fluent? I would want to avoid the word intermediate and find a "nicer" expression.
Thank you.
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    You could be more precise and describe your skills? Do you have a traveller's grasp of restaurant/ hotel basics? You could say if you are capapable of holding a more extended conversation on topics like current affairs or the media? Can you read a German newspaper? Can you reliably write in German? These skills are progressively harder, so if you can actually do more than ask for a beer, it's probably worth making that clear.

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    Can I say that I have a good command of German?
    To me that means you speak it well. I get the feeling that it might be better to say you have "a reasonable command of German".

    Have a good command of - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

    to know something well. Bill has a good command of French.
    Jane has a good command of economic theory.

    Have the ability to use or control; have mastery of.
    For example, She has a remarkably good command of Japanese, or He had a good command of his emotions. [Mid-1600s]
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