How to describe people who love their parents dearly

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Hello. In Vietnam there is an adjective that describes people who love and respect their parents a lot. They may also sacrifice their own happiness to take care of their parents or just to please them. This kind of 'personality' is quite popular to describe someone in Vietnam, but I don't know what word to use in English.
To the best of my ability, I can only say that someone deeply loves and respects their parents. But if there is an adjective for this, it would be great.
One of my students uses the word 'piety'. When I look it up in an English-Vietnamese dictionary (written by Vietnamese people, I think), it shows the correct meaning in Vietnamese. But when I look this word up in English dictionaries, I think the meaning is quite different. The definition is "when you behave in a way that shows respect for your religion" (Longman Dictionary).
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    No: "piety" has connotations of being reverent in a religious context.

    I'm not sure there is an English word which exactly fits this scenario: the nearest I can get to it is "respectful", or perhaps "devoted" - but both those have a more general meaning, not involving just feelings towards your parents.
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