How to differentiate two distinct usages of "as well as"..


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Hello everyone here..

As I know,the conjunction "as well as" has two different usage,
one's used to say something is as good as other,one's used to connect two sentence like "and"
I'm wondering how to distinguish them,could anyone here help me out?
Here's some example I made;
1; <I play basketball as well as singing.>
2; <I play basketball as well as I sing.>
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    If you look closely at the examples you've given, you'll find a good answer to your question. (But careful! The first is not entirely grammatical.)


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    First, it has the "and" meaning about 90% of the time. Second, context will usually show which is meant. Together they should be enough for you, almost always. However, real ambiguities are possible, and my favourite is this sentence I once found on the Internet, which has all sorts of possibilities:

    Garlic may repel pests as well as people.


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    Thanks Cyberpedant..

    I've changed my examples a bit,it may be better.
    In my opinion,I'd say as well as in example#1 is used for saying something that is as good as other,whereas in example#2 is similar to "and".
    Am I comprehend it correctly?
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