How to effectively describe the behaviour of a plot?


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I am writing a scientific paper and I need to discuss two different curves extracted from the same test related to two different treatments. A sketch of the two curves are displayed in this pictures. On the x-axis there is the power of a vehicle, while in the y-axis there is the effiency. As you can see, the blu curve is extended to higher values of efficiency and power. In particular, the efficiency is higher at the same power and the power is higher with the same efficiency. However, this explanation is really appropriate for a scientific paper. How could I explain it in better words?

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    Please give us the sentence you have in mind, and then tell us which word or phrase in it you think might be a problem. We can't write the entire sentence for you.


    @florentia, thanks for your reply. You're on right, I would write something similar to what is specified in the original post:

    the curve of the treatment A (blue curve) is extended to higher values of efficiency and power. This means the treatment A permits to the vehicle to reach higher level of efficiency with the delivered power, consequently a wider range of efficient usage.
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