How to end a Christmas card?

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    Hi all,

    The Christmas is approaching, and I am sure many people are now sending Christmas cards to friends or family. I would like to know how to end a Christmas card in a appropriate way. I plan to send Christmas cards to teachers and professors. I plan to use 'Sincerely yours' to end the card. Will it be too formal? Are there any other choices?

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    You can simply say,--- " with my sincere best wishes ", which I think would be suitable for you teachers etc..
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    Or simply:
    Best wishes
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    If the Christmas card is pre-printed with a holiday wish or greeting, many people simply sign their names at the bottom or write "Merry Christmas!" in their own handwriting and sign below that.
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    Note that "Christmas" usually does not have an article, unless one is talking about a specific Christmas that might be confused with other Christmases, or that should be distinguished from other Christmases:

    The Christmas I spent in Rome was wonderful.
    It was a Christmas that I shall always remember.


    This year I shall spend Christmas in Pennsylvania.
    My sister always comes to my house for Christmas.
    Christmas will soon be here.

    Other holidays and observances may be treated the same way:

    Hallowe'en falls in October.
    I cooked dinner on Thanksgiving.
    Where will you be spending New Year's Eve?
    Easter is several months away.
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