How to express condolence to a friend

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  1. TryingToSwallowHansWehr Senior Member

    British English
    I have learned that a friend's father has died. How do I express to him my condolences? Thank you, in advance, for the help. :)
  2. Hello

    You can say:
    جعل الله مثواه الجنة

    Ja3ala allaho mathwaho al janna

    meaning may God make heaven his abode.
  3. MarcB Senior Member

    US English
  4. TryingToSwallowHansWehr Senior Member

    British English
    Thanks. So, is that better than الله يرحمه ويدخله فسيح جناته?
  5. Actually I even prefer your sentence :)
    But الله يرحمه is not fus7a, so it's better to say:
    عسى أن يرحمه الله و يدخله فسيح جناته
    And you're welcome :)
  6. waldannakheel New Member

    Even it's too late, but knowledge never be late.
    I think to non Arabic speakers it would be much easier to say the simplest word يرحمه الله (Yarhamoho Allah).

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