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  1. Odriski Senior Member

    Hi Everyone!
    I encountered a new problem when learning Czech.
    That is: How to express years in Czech? For example, if I say 1980, 1985, 1986, what is it in Czech language?
    Please tell me how to express years in Czech, waiting for someone's help

    Best Regards
  2. atcheque

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    Hello Odriski and welcome to the forums :)

    Please write down a sentence as example for context, rule 3.
    atcheque, moderator
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  3. Odriski Senior Member

    So how to translate "in the years of nineteen eighty six"?
  4. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    The simplest way:

    v roce devatenáct set osmdesát šest (card. number in nominative - no case agreement);

    More complex:

    v roce devatenáctistém osmdesátém šestém (ord. number, locative - in agreement with roce); 


    léta Páně (= anno Domini) devatenáctistého osmdesátého šestého (ord. number, genitive - in agreement with léta);
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  5. Odriski Senior Member

    Thanks! So the year "1986" in Czech means "nineteen hundred and eighty-six" not "one thousand nineteen hundred and eighty-six"?
  6. marsi.ku Member

    You can say also the second possibility, but it isn't common. Better to say "devatenáct set osmdesát šest" or only "osmdesát šest" - we say often "v osmdesátým šestým" if it is spoken.
  7. Odriski Senior Member

    OK, thanks for your explanation
  8. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    Not "one thousand nineteen hundred and eighty-six", but "one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six" = "[jeden] tisíc devět set osmdesát šest".
  9. Odriski Senior Member

    Sorry, my fault. It's a typo:p

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