how to greet and response

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how to greet some one not too familiar, like your customer.
how are you today?

if he said 'how are you', what should i response? i learned from school the answer is 'i am fine, thanks', but
it feels Awkward.

can you give me some greeting ways and reply to one's greeting. thanks a lot.
  • Packard

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    I respond by saying, "Fine, thank you."

    Note: It should read "Greet and respond" not "response". Or "greeting and response".


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    As Packard says, 'Fine, thank you' is the normal/expected response. Even if you're not feeling fine, your customer doesn't want to know this, so you still respond with 'Fine, thank you.'


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    This question has been asked before - quite a few times, in fact.

    Here are another couple of previous threads which you should find helpful:
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    If you feel that none of those answer your question, please re-post it in one of the other threads instead. Thanks.
    I'm now closing this one in order to prevent further duplication. DonnyB - moderator.
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