How to insert English words into an Arabic text


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This thread reminded of a question I have had. Does anyone know how to type, or insert, a word in the middle of Arabic text? I know here on the forum the tags do it, but in a Word document the English word always goes to the right side of the text and any Arabic text after that is to the right of the the English word. Sample text:

اريد ان اعرف mode بالعربية

when in actuality the text should appear as:

اريد ان اعرف mode بالعربية
  • Josh :
    if you have English/Arabic keyboard :
    Type a sentence and then do the following respectively:
    1.Press the spacebar and then the left Shift+Alt buttons.
    2.Type your English word .
    3.Press the right Shift+Alt buttons
    4.Go on typing in Arabic
    If you have already typed an Arabic topic , then put the cursor anywhere and press the left Shift+Alt buttons , then type in English.

    This is what I do know so far.
    Thanks Ayed. All that does is change between languages, although I did not know that function before. The English word still goes to the right of the line and any further Arabic text still appears to right of the English word.
    I appreciate this is an old post but the following answer might help other users stumbling upon this thread.

    This is how to embed left-to-right text (e.g. and English word) within a bi-directional block of text (e.g. Arabic) on Microsoft Office or Open Office, for example:

    باللغة العربية “keyboard” انا أريد أن أعرف الكلمة

    1. Finish typing the Arabic word and add a space after it (this space separates the embedded text from the Arabic text to its right).
    2. Insert special character U+200F (to render the preceding space an Arabic character).
    3. Insert special character U+202A (to begin the left-to-right embedding).
    4. Insert another space (to separate the embedded text from the Arabic text that will continue to its left).
    5. Change the keyboard to e.g. English and type the left-to-right word.
    6. Insert special character U+202C (to restore the bidrectional state to what it was before the left-to-right embedding).
    7. Change the keyboard back and continue writing in Arabic.

    If your working in Microsoft Office or Open Office, the "special characters" can be found under "insert". Scroll through until you find the character with the appropriate Unicode number. All of the special characters involved in this little manoeuvre are invisible characters (their job is simply to change the direction of the text) so don't be surprised if it looks like you're not inserting anything.