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can someone help me with the meaning of banshee? I know that it is a femal Spirit in ireland legend, but when someone tell you that for example a product is a banshee, is it positiv or negativ?
many thanks
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    hello glasguensis, yes, that's the word.....
    for your understanding, I post something on my linkedin Profil about a new product and received comment of 2 words: "brandname"+banshee?
    hope it helps you....


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    I haven't seen it used like this before but there is a word "howler" which means "catastrophic mistake", and banshees howl, so I would probably interpret it like that.


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    I only ever heard "banshee" used in conjunction with "screaming".

    He drove around the corner like a screaming banshee. (Banshees portend death.)
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