How to mention a list of instances, then conclude the category?


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I want to first mention a list of instances (pizza, spaghetti, fish and chips, fries), then conclude the category (fast food).

Is the following structure OK?

I like pizza, spaghetti, fish and chips, fries, and that kind of fast food.
Stores, schools, hospitals, and that kind of facilitates are all near my home.

Dictionaries has and that kind of things, and that sort of things. These collocations use "things" rather than a category, and there is no "and". So I'm not sure if my structure is idiomatic.

I want to mention instances, then a category because I get used to thinking in this way. In verbal communication, if I already said the instances, what word can I use to introduce the concluding category?

I know I can say "I love fast food like pizza and spaghetti." But I just don't come up with the category so fast. Unless you say it's more idiomatic for English-speaking people to give the category first.
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    With "that kind of", I think you need a singular noun, so the second sentence needs "facility".

    However, the bigger problem is meaning. What is "and that kind of fast food" supposed to mean? If you say "and that kind of thing", we expect to be able to imagine a group of things that are included, separate from some other group of things that are excluded, but I cannot see any kind of division in your examples. What kinds of fast food are excluded? What is it about stores, schools and hospitals that you group them together as a particular type of facility, and what else is included in the group. Is a metro station, for example, "that type of facility" or not?

    I don't think I've come across spaghetti as a fast food. Merely being quick to cook does not necessarily make something a fast food.

    "That kind of thing" in both of your sentences would be fine. In the first, we would think that you liked fast food, and we might imagine that you also liked burgers, but that you had no particular interest in fancy restaurants. In the second, we might imagine that your house was well served by services, and we might imagine this also included things like public transport and libraries.

    I think the expression you are looking for is "and other...". This needs to be followed by a plural: "and other fast foods" or "and other kinds of fast food".