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Italy, Italian

I am sending some movies to a Cinema School abroad.
We selected some movies thinking they could be quite relevant to them.
I have, somehow, to please them and make them feel we definitely selected these movies because of their remarkable standards as school of cinema.

Is this right?

"Therefore, we think that this selection of Italian cinema could be extremely interesting for you and for your students, and we are sure they can represent an add value to the already high performance of your prestigious Institute."
Would you say something like that in English?

Thank you guys!
  • nzfauna

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    New Zealand, English
    Ahhh, depends what you want it to mean:)

    Performance would refer to the calibre of the outcoming work of the students.

    Standards would refer to the level of performance that the school requires for something.


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    Italy, Italian maybe the first one is the ebst one.
    I want to mean that the students from that school are so knowledgable about cinema that they can particularly appreciate these movies.

    So I believe performance is better.
    Are you with me?
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