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    How do I pronounce "alergem" (we run) and "mergem" (we go)?

    Let's run and let's go is hai să alergem and hai să mergem?

    Thanks. Any additional relevant information much appreciated :)

    Edit: I just realised alerga is a group A verb hence alergăm.
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    1. /g/ from the word 'mergem' is the same with your /dg/ from, say, your famous Dodge. Then you pronounce /e/ , like /dge/ - 'general'.
    Now the additional info: in my language 'ge' (/dge/ ) is a group of letters never separated, I mean they go together in a syllable: 'gen' (gender), 'geam' (window), ger (freezing or frozen), 'general' (general), 'gemuleț' (small window), 'genealogie' (genealogy), 'gest' (gesture), etc.
    2. /g/ from the word 'alergăm' or 'gonim' (run after) is different. It is the same sound from your 'go', or 'gas'. It's /g/ if there is no /e/ , /i/ or /h/ following this letter.
    E.g. 'goli' (to empty), 'gaură' (hole), 'grozav' (great), 'gusta' (taste), etc.

    I hope this was useful.
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  3. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    For pronouncing the group of letters "ge" in Romanian mergem or alegem think of the English word gem: pretty much the same sound. To put mergem together think of the short form for Meredith, mer.

    And there you have it, mer-gem, the two syllable word :)

    As for dodge, I have some reservations, the dge group in there is a more complex sound with faint traces of d in it - to my ears.


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