How to read 0.75

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Hello friends,
<<On this link>>, I heard very different way to read 0.75 that normally, I think we can read it as 'zero point seventy-five'.
But, on the link (you need to use Internet Explorer to listen) , it is said something different like (note point seventy-five) and this confused me.
If you correct me, I'll be pleased indeed. It is on the 1.39 second.

Thanks in advance.
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  • JulianStuart

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    The use of nought to read the 0 part is particularly British. Oh and zero are more common in American English. The use of "point seventy five" is mostly American English.


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    Could also be read as seven hundred fifty thousandths or simply three quarter. I know this does not answer the question but just my observation.


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    The way one speaks numbers depends upon:

    1. Culture
    2. The accepted mode of the context in question.

    We cannot generalize.

    If we're talking about probability where the value is always equal to or less than 1.0, I suspect we'd just say "point seventy five."

    If we're talking about two-way radio communication where syntax attempts to avoid misunderstanding due to various forms of interference, "zero-point-seventy five" is quite appropriate.

    Zeroes, of course, are naughts in the U.K.

    There's no simple answer.
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