How to remind your boss to do something?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by jephen, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. jephen New Member

    Dear All
    I'd like to write a mail to remind my boss to approve a request.
    It has been pending for a long time,how can I name the title?
    Is it polite to use "Notice of request approval"?
  2. lhnjcwx Member

    I would like to use "kindly reminder for the request approval"

    BTW, I think "how to do" is completely Chinglish, especially "how to say". Seems we often use it

    We should use "How do we do OR how do I do"
  3. jephen New Member

    Thank you so much. It helps me get rid off a bad habit. :)

  4. lhnjcwx Member

    But I also hope a native language person to answer you (me);)
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  5. Parla Senior Member

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    One way is to assume that perhaps, your request didn't reach your boss or has been lost. So you could title your e-mail, Did you receive my request? You could then begin your message: I wonder if you received my request, sent to you on [date], asking . . .
  6. jephen New Member

    Sounds good.
    thanks a lot for your kind help.

  7. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    I use straight titles, even for repeated messages -- in this case: Request for Approval. Then you can say anything you like in the message body to excuse/explain the reason you're writing again. A side benefit to using the same Title/Subject Line for both (or more) messages is that the receiver can sort his messages by Subject and easily find your original message.
  8. Harms New Member

    A very similar question: how to write a reminder to your boss in a friendly and non-formal way? The situation is: I requested a meeting with my boss 1 week ago but he didn't answer. I need to send him a nice and not too formal reminder, but I am out of ideas how to make it sound right: without apologising too much but without being too pushy either. The communication style in our company is very informal, but he is still my boss, and he is native English while I am not. So I am a bit blocked with this stylistic issue and will really appreciate help! Thanks in advance!
  9. Florentia52

    Florentia52 Modwoman in the attic

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    Welcome to the forum, Harms!

    We can't draft your reminder for you, but if you can give us a complete sentence, we can answer your specific question about a word or phrase in it, and in that way help you to write it correctly.
  10. Egmont Senior Member

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    I agree with Florentia - and with Parla, in post 5. Her excellent advice applies here too. Try to keep it in mind when you draft the sentence or sentences for us to look at.

    (And welcome to WRF!)
  11. Harms New Member

    Florentia52, Egmont thanks a lot!
    You're right, I should have drafted a message myself..
    So I've already asked my boss for a meeting because I was preparing a project I want to show him. The answer was: sure, let me know when you're ready and we will meet up. I finished the work and wrote him 10 days ago but he didn't answer. I was thinking about writing something like this:
    "Hi Jack, I was wondering if you're busy these days. Could we arrange a short meeting in order that I could present you the project I've mentioned before?"
    The thing is that I know he is busy now, but I have no idea when he is going to have time for me, but if I wait longer he will forget about it totally. So I need to remind him somehow without being annoying.
  12. fivejedjon Senior Member

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    If you know he sbusy, then the first sentence is inappropriate. Even if you thought he might not be, it would not be very tactful of you to suggest this. I'd say somethingsimple like "Could we meet some time to discuss the project I mentioned to you in my last email, please?"
  13. Egmont Senior Member

    Massachusetts, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    Tell Jack you know he's busy even if you think he isn't. Bosses like to hear that. :)
  14. Harms New Member

    Thanks fivejedjon and Egmont!
    In the end he remembered himself so I didn't have to write anything :)
  15. Stan_Tuss

    Stan_Tuss New Member

    Persian/ Farsi
    hi everyone , i'l like to know How to ask my boss to approve an expense report? I'd like to write a mail to ask or remind my project manager to approve this request so financing department can proceed regarding that , but i don't know how to do it politely. would you help me please to have a nice and polite sentence?
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  16. Florentia52

    Florentia52 Modwoman in the attic

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    Welcome to the forum, Stan_Tuss!

    We can't write your message for you, but please go ahead and try to write it yourself. Then, if you have a question about a word or phrase in one of the sentences, we will be happy to help.

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