How to say "and" in Ukrainian?

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    Is it "та", "i", or "й"?

    Как сказать "и" по-украински? "Та", "i", или "й"?
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    All of the above.

    The basic form is "і." This changes to "й" when the preceding word ends with a vowel. "Та" is used to assist in pronunciation, for example when the preceding word ends with a difficult consonant cluster or the following word begins with a consonant cluster. It is also used when, stylistically, it sounds better than "і" or "й." Finally, you may also encounter "та й" especially in conversation or in folk songs. It is a more emphatic.

    ніж і виделка
    виделка й ніж
    бджола й муха
    муха та бджола (or муха й бджола)
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    Ta resembles Russian да:

    Жили себе дед да баба, а у них была курочка да петушок.

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