how to say no to money in a polite way

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    We can’t write the sentence for you, but if you write one of your own, we’ll be happy to help explain a word or phrase you think might be a problem.


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    I received a letter from an art magazine and they offer me a small amount of money to let them publish some of my artwork.
    I think is unnecessary, for many reasons, and i'like to write that i agree with the publication, but i refuse the money.
    I'd write something like this: "i appreciate your offer, you can publish my work, but there's no need for money, really. I'm just glad that you like my work".


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    Maybe "I appreciate your offer but I am happy for you to publish my work for free / without payment"
    I can't imagine anyone being offended by this. You could also request that they give the money to a charity of your choice.
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