How to see "size up its rough dimensions "?

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Hi, friends.
How to see "size up its rough dimensions "? To make a summary of it?
And what does "what might have been" mean? The possible results?

And yet fail they did. The deal ministers left on the table was full of loopholes and loose ends. But two economists at the World Bank, Will Martin and Aaditya Mattoo, have tried to size up its rough dimensions (see chart). Their calculations help to quantify what might have been.

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    (1) Yes, to get a summary of it; to get a feel for all that was included in the deal; approximate what it entailed.

    (2) Their calculations helped to show/approximate/estimate/imagine the what the results would have been if the deal had been implemented.

    Hope that helps...:)


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    To "size up" something means to analyze it, to try to understand it, to take its measure.

    In a schoolyard fight, one little boy "sizes up" the other to figure out whether he's going to be able to win the fight or not.
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