How to translate ''to'' in Finnish?

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    In the Finnish language how do you translate ''to'' when it is followed by a verb? For example in English we can say ''this car is difficult to drive'' or ''I work to live'', how do you translate these two sentences in Finnish?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    This car is difficult to drive. = It's difficult to drive this car.
    Tätä autoa on vaikea ajaa. Or: Tämän auton ajaminen on vaikeaa.

    I work to live.
    Teen työtä pysyäkseni hengissä.

    Finnish is not related to English and therefore all manner of structures are used that may appear odd to anyone not versed in them.
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    In English to + verb usually means the infinitive form of the verb. This car is difficult to drive = Tämä auto on vaikea ajaa.

    "I work to live" is a different case, and it can be expressed also "I work for living". In Finnish we say Teen työtä elääkseni.
  4. kakamme New Member

    Okay, now that's clear, thanks for your help.
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