how to use money with any discrimination


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Hello, can you please help me understand the part reading "how to use it with any discrimination" in the text below? I would rather expect "how to use it with no discrimination" but that probably means a different thing (if it means anything). According to the context I would say it refers to "having learnt how to use the money in a reasonable way". Is there any shorter way to put it, please? Thank you.

"As a highly paid athlete, the footballer is no stranger to money, but he has only recently got the hang of how to use it with any discrimination. On his first big payday he bought himself a Lamborghini..." (and then designer wardrobe, jewellery...) "Then one night he was papped with someone who wasn't his fiancée, drove over a photographer's foot and into a parking meter while trying to make a getaway." (then his court appearance followed + there was an injury that kept him off the pitch for some time). "Chastened, he has adopted a tower profile. He still has his Lambo but rarely takes it out."
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    Your "having learnt how to use the money in a reasonable way" is a good interpretation. A short way of saying 'with any discrimination' would be; wisely or prudently.
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