How to write a email reminder

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I wrote an email to my previous manager about any open positions in her project. She replied that she is checking for open positions. Now its more than a week and I didn't get any reply from her. I want to write her a reminder email as I know managers are busy people and things can slip off their mind. I don't know exactly how should I form my email. I will appreciate any help in this matter. It would be great if I can get a sample.

Thanks for any help!
  • Gwan

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    Hi Pammi,
    Welcome to the forums! Your request isn't really the sort of thing we do in the forum, you are supposed to ask specific questions about grammar or vocabulary points you need help on (after searching previous threads of course). Your best bet might be Googling to find sites with examples of formal emails or business correspondence. Other than that, try giving it a go yourself first and then asking for advice on specific problems you encounter.
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