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  1. renee evelyn Member

    American English, USA
    when you write cities of countries in spanish, is it customary to write it like "santiago de chile" or just "santiago, chile" like in english? thanks!
  2. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)
    I'm pretty sure they're written the same way in Spanish as in English.

    Santiago, Chile.
    Ciudad de México, México
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Madrid, España

  3. MARIAJSS Member

    Completamente De Acuerdo, Se Escriben Como En InglÉs. Pero!!! Santiago De Chile SerÍa Una ExcepciÓn Porque Realmente El Nombre De La Ciudad Es "santiago De Chile".

    I Fully Agree With You, They're Written As In English, But!! Santiago De Chile Is An Exception As The Real Name Of This City Is "santiago De Chile" All Toguether.
  4. Txiri

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    Is there not also a Santiago de Cuba? A Santiago de Compostela in Spain?

    Note to Mariajss: neither in Spanish nor English are all words capitalized in a sentence. It looks really peculiar to read a post with all these capital letters. If you´ll take the time to check the forum rules, these urge the pursuit of writing and spelling conventions that keep to the standard-- to the extent that one can.

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