How would you intend to get them in that premiere?


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Aldo Raine (in Inglourious Bastards) says the sentence in the tittle of this thread, and i wonder why he uses 'would' in this sentence.
I'll tell you the context.
The person who is asked by Aldo was going to get three people in a film premiere, and those three people just died, and Aldo wants to know how she would have gotten inside if they hadn't died quite a bit minutes ago.
I wonder why he uses 'would', i don'r understand it at all! but i suspect this would means past instead of conditional.
I am completely mixed up!, Please, help me out!

Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry, i have to add my try: ¿Cómo pensarías meterles en la premiere?
    Es una traducción literal, y me suena fatal en español!

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    The line is "How'd you intend to get them in that premiere?" Looking at other parts of the script, I think the meaning is "how did you intend to..."

    Earlier in the text is the question "How'd he do that?" followed by the reply:
    He ordered three glasses.:)

    This is clearly past tense. It may me sloppy English; but in dialogue, it is not safe to assume that apóstrofo + d = 'would'
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