Howdy Doody? He don't get no booty.


Guy 1: You may not realize it, Jackson, but some men prefer the company of women.
Jackson: Who? Howdy Doody? He don't get no booty.
Guy 2: Maybe he got a date with one of them tuck jobs.
Trevor: No, your mother says she couldn't make it.
The Machinist, film

After a shift at a factory, workers are chatting in the locker room. Jackson tells a story about someone who almost had sex with a woman until he realized it was a transvestite having a "tuck job". Then Guy 2 asks Trevor if he's going to play poker tonight, Trevor says he can't. Jackson and Guy 2 assume there's something wrong with Trevor lately. And then the OP dialog starts.

Does the bolded part mean: Trevor is Howdy Doody (whatever that means), and he doesn't have the money to pay prostitutes?
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