Howdy pardner


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Is “Howdy pardner” is idiomatic in English and in use?

I learned this term many years ago and I haven’t used it myself. Is it okay to use?
  • dojibear

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    It WAS idiomatic in the 1800s, out west in the "untamed cowboy country". That means I hear this phrase in every cowboy movie and every cowboy TV show. But I never hear it in real life.

    "Howdy" means "hello". Some people in Texas might say "howdy". Everywhere else people say "hello".

    "Pardner" ("partner") is an old way to say "friend, pal, buddy". It's a form of address.

    Wordy McWordface

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    Is it OK to use?

    No! Definitely not.

    If a native speaker were to say this, it would be a deliberate imitation of old-style cowboy movies. For example, if a child went to party dressed in a cowboy costume, someone might say "Howdy pardner" to him, just for fun.

    If a Chinese learner of English were to use it in everyday conversation, people would fall about laughing.