HR-10 or IRA plan

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Hey, any help with this vocabulary? I'm translating a Trust...
IRA plan is a "plan de pensiones" but I can't find what is an HR-10 plan.

Any help out there?

Context: X shall have the authority to exercise any right granted the Trustee under any qualified pension, profit-sharing, HR-10 or IRA plan or trust...

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    Just in case anyone's interested it that again...I've found this info:

    Retirement plan for the Self-Employed: A Keogh or HR 10 plan is a tax-deferred retirement savings plan for self-employed individuals. It works much like any qualified plan such as defined benefit, money purchase, or profit sharing plans.

    So I guess it would be "plan de jubilación"?


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    Mora than an answer is a question as I was searching for the meaning of H.R.:

    What about if the letters are splitted by a dot "H.R. 2157", in the contexto a public law considered by the American Congress ?

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