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    Hi to all. This is my first post. My question is about my surname, which is Hromek. I'm not from the Czech Republic, so I don't know the language, just a few words. I know that the word "hrom" means "thunder", and the -ek suffix is a diminutive. I would like to know the meaning of the word, if it has one. It seems that "little thunder" doesn't make too much sense. Could it be a nickname? Like "man of the thunders" or something like that?
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    Hi! The Czech surnames mostly arose from nicknames in order to distinguish many Johns, Josephs, Peters, etc. in a village. Hromek was probably a nickname of a man who often used to say "hrome!" (vocative of hrom, "thunder!") which means "Donnerwetter!" in German, "blood and thunder!" or "Goddammit!" in English.
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    Or perhaps a person who was harmful to others like a thunder - see the word hromotluk meaning clumsy person, lummox.

    The ending -ek really denotes a diminutive. It could be a part of the nickname itself which was used to belittle the harshness of the basic form Hrom, or it could be a secondary distinguisher to tell a senior Hrom from junior Hromek (senior and junior in whatever sense: father vs son, native vs newcomer...)
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    In the Czech Republic there are 1167 persons with the surname Hromek/Hromková, and only 11 persons with the surname Hrom/Hromová.

    Other existing variants: Hroma, Hromas, Hromec, Hromica, Hromník, Hromota, etc. and Hromniak, Hromčuk, Grom, Gromek, Gromczak, Gromiak, Gromnica, Gromov, etc. of Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian origin.
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    Thank you for your answers!

    Well, it seems that there are much more people with my surname, than I thought. By the way, from where did you get this info?
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