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    Acronym appears in the discharge report of a person who has suffered a stroke, specifically in the section detailing the results of the Echocardiogram.

    Context as follows:

    ECOCARDIOGRAMA: HVI moderada septobasal. [...] Alts [sic] de la contractilidad tipicas de cardiopatia isquemica. IMI ligera-moderada. HTOP ligera.

    My translation at present:

    Echocardiogram: Moderate septal basal Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Global Left Ventricular Ejection Function maintained. Contractility changes typical of ischaemic cardiopathy. Light to moderate ischaemic mitral insufficieny...
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    I don't think IMI stands for ischemic mitral insufficiency - that does not make sense. What about "insuficiencia mitral" = "mitral insufficiency"? That would make sense in this context. (the cosnautas web site listed IMI as an acronym for insuficiencia mitral - their acronym dictionary is one of their free resources)
    I have not found HTOP but in this context I would SPECULATE that it might be an unusual acronym for Hipertensión Pulmonar. Just a guess.

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