hubba-hubba physique


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What does "hubba-hubba" mean as an adjective?

The sentence says that "Britney Spears has a hubba-hubba physique".

I imagine that it means that she's hot or that she has a great body, but I've never seen this interjection used as an adjective before.

Also, is it dated?

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    I'm sure your definition is correct.

    It sounds like a ghastly American football player thing to me ... I certainly would never use it, I don't know if it is dated but it sounds coarse to me!


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    Welcome to the forums, coquita!

    "Hubba-hubba" isn't really an adjective, it's an interjection. It means wow! In colloquial AE we tend to use nouns and other parts of speech adjectivally, taking advantage of syntactic markers which are so important in a language that no longer inflects its words, like English. To put it simply, since adjectives go immediately before a noun in English, any word coupled with a noun in this way will be "heard" to modify the noun. It's a syntax thing. It's a [any word] thing.

    We have good etymologists here who'll be able to give you the history of the word. My opinion is that yes, it's a little dated. To me it has a WWII flavor, and is something a GI might say about Betty Grable. Dated but not dead entirely-- I'd use the word, but a little humorously.

    But if I did (to get back on topic), I would not use it as an adjective.