Huelum, huelum, Gloria! (grito)

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    Cheering words known by fans of the Instituto Politecnico (IPN) in Mexico. City, I think.
    Huelum, huelum, Gloria!
    The cheer continues with "a la cachi cachi porra, porra. A la cachi cachi porra, porra..."

    And I have no clue what the words mean. Is there anyone out there who will shed light on what this means, to a non-Mexican?

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  2. aldonzalorenzo

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    It would be interesting to know the meaning (if it has one).
    I`ve no idea about this "Huelum, huelum", pero inventando mucho, quizá puede ser algo como "Huele a gloria", o "Olemos la gloria", como diciendo que la victoria está llegando...
    Una cachiporra es un palo con el que se dan golpes. También debe servir para los "cheerleaders". El DRAE lo define:
    1. f. Palo enterizo que termina en una bola o cabeza abultada.

    2. f. Ec. Bastón adornado con cintas que porta el tambor mayor.

    That´s all I can say. Hope some mexican helps!
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    Gracias, aldonzalorenzo. And yes. Perhaps a proud IPN alumnus/alumna or follower will shed some light on the matter.
  4. Jofre_nash Member

    It's been a while since this post came out and finally I'm going to shed some light on this thread even thought I'm a Unam student and not from IPN.

    In 1937 Víctor Chambón Burgoa, a member of the first IPN footbal team, was making some college chants with some members of the IPN cheering club. Now, the yelling to gather up the students in that time was "huelga-huelga" ( strike strike) so based on that he created the word "huelum". From "huelga" to"huelum".
    The resulting chant is the following:
    ¡Huélum…!, ¡Huélum…!
    ¡Gloria !,
    ¡a la cachi cachi porra,
    a la cachi cachi porra!
    ¡pin pon porra!,
    ¡pin pon porra! ,
    ¡Politécnico!, ¡Politécnico!
  5. MackloCoatzin New Member

    Hi. I think this is a little bit late, but I think you deserve a better explanation about Huelum.
    Huelum, Huelum, Gloria!
    A la cachi cachiporra, a la cachi cachiporra,
    pin pon porra, pin pon porra,
    Politecnico, Politecnico. Gloria!
    I am graduated from IPN and your definition is really far from reality.
    Huelum is a word derived from "Huelga" (Strike) IPN students is 50's thought it sounded great.
    You are right in one thing: cachiporra is a stick used by police officers in 50's. When the Huelum was created, a student stated that "studyind in IPN is as great and convincing as being hit by a cachiporra."
    In general words, this cheer or better said battle-cry, states that IPN is like heaven and we all are proud of be a small part of it.
    Thank you for your atention.
  6. cubaMania Senior Member

    I don't know which came first, the school cheer, or the mambo by Cuban bandleader Pérez Prado.
    YouTube has various examples of "Mambo del Politécnico" and this is from Wikipedia:

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