1. leidylds

    leidylds Senior Member

    Hola: ¿Podrían ayudarme a traducir esto?

    I hate the wind. She jutted out her bottom lip and blew a huff of air against the pieces covering her mouth.

    Mi intento: Odio el viento. Sobresalía su labio inferior y soplaba un ___ de aire contra los pedazos que cubren su boca.

    Gracias de antemano.
  2. SafetyCar Senior Member

    Sacó su labio inferior y resopló para quitarse los trozos/cosas? sobre su boca.

    Iba a poner sobresacó pero no sé si es una palabra real :confused:
  3. leidylds

    leidylds Senior Member

    SafetyCar sacó es perfecto. Gracias.
  4. inib

    inib Senior Member

    La Rioja, Spain
    British English
    I think a huff is like a puff here. Maybe, una bocanada de aire? I'm not sure that she necessarily wanted to "quitarse" the
    "pieces" covering her mouth, she might just have been blowing against/through them. Do we know what these "pieces" are? Clothes? Some type of equipment? Food?

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