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    I'm curious how the word hug would be translated in the following contexts. I've translated as much as I can in each sentence, but please let me know if you think a sentence should be worded differently.

    "Mikko Hirvonen speeds down the racetrack, hugging each curve."
    Mikko Hirvonen kiitää kilparataa [...] jokaista kaarretta.

    "You can see that the door is hugging the door frame too tightly for it to close easily -- the wood must have expanded because of the steam from the bathtub."
    Ovi [...] näet karmia liian kireästi, että se sulkeutuisi helposti -- kylpyammeesta tullut höyry taitaa olla paisuttanut puuta.

    "The curve of the function x-4 hugs the x/y axis more tightly than the curve of x-2."
    x-4-funktion käyrä [...] kireämmin x/y keskiviivaa kuin x-2-käyrä.

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    There are certainly many different ways of translating this, here are some ideas:

    I'm sure others can suggest all sorts of different possibilities for translating these. In any case, I don't think you can find a single Finnish verb that would most often correspond to this meaning of the verb "to hug". But I'm sure verbs like "seurata", "seurailla" and adverbs like "pitkin", "tiukasti", "tiiviisti" maybe be considered often when paraphrasing the meaning in Finnish.

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    Paisuttaa puuta is non-Finnish to my ear. Puu ei paisu, puu turpoaa: kylpyammeesta tullut höyry on tainnut/saattanut turvottaa puuta.
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    This is perhaps a regional thing. My ear accepts both, and Kielitoimiston sanakirja gives as an example "Kostuessaan paisunut puu". Turvota is a good option, and probably the one I wouuld choose instinctively in this context, but I don't find "turvota" non-Finnish here.

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    – Mikko Hirvonen kiitää kilparataa ajaen jokaisen kaarteen nuolemalla.
    "Kaarteen nuoleminen" was a common motor sports phrase some decades ago but it's not so much used anymore.
    Mikko Hirvonen kiitää kilparataa leikaten jokaisen kaarteen.
    This is a more modern phrase meaning that at least the front wheel of the inside curve goes over the roadside; this is how they drive wherever possible.

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