huge, steaming bowl of foreshadowing

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    Source: Deadpool 2 (2018), an American superhero movie.

    Wade and Russell are in their cell in the Ice Box - a maximum-security prison for mutants.
    (Tremors and rumbling)
    Russell: What was that?
    Wade: That is the biggest guy in here. Fun fact about the Ice Box: though no one's ever seen it, they keep a monster in the basement... right next to a huge, steaming bowl of foreshadowing.

    Could you, please, tell me what kind of bowl Wade means? Why is it steaming?
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    It's not literal, of course:) It just means "a lot of".
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    "A huge steaming bowl of X" is more or less a set phrase. I assume it comes from some literal meaning from food (a huge steaming bowl of oatmeal, perhaps, which for people who like oatmeal is a good thing) but it has a figurative use also. It means "a large quantity of X". X is often something at least somewhat negative. "steaming" indicates, in general, that it's freshly made although in this case I don't think it matters. But I can imagine someone referring to feeling a "huge, steaming bowl of shame" after doing something they regret.

    So a huge steaming bowl of foreshadowing is another 4th wall joke from the movie. He's giving the audience a hint of what's to come. I assume the monster is involved somehow but I haven't seen the movie so it's just a guess.
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    I see. Thank you very much for your clarification, kentix. It was much needed.

    My best guess was it was the gigantic bowl you could stumble into in an ogre's (or some other big fantastic creature's) cave, and it promised nothing good for anyone who ventured further into the cave. But "steaming" made no sense to me.
  5. kentix

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    Something was bothering me because I knew there was something I wasn't thinking of and now I have thought of it. I think this is where the real meaning comes from. "Huge steaming bowl" is just the clean version.

    The real saying is that something is "a huge, steaming pile of shit". It's steaming because it's newly emerged from some creature's rear end.

    From Urban Dictionary:

    It's something blatantly false, incredibly terrible or both.

    "What a steaming pile of shit," Tom said, after sitting through Joe's story of how he banged three gorgeous women, won a Formula One race, and was awarded the Nobel Prize, all in one day

    In this example, it's something blatantly false.

    The movie uses the cleaner version "bowl of", instead of "pile of" and substitutes the specific word foreshadowing for the general word "shit". But the foreshadowing is probably of something incredibly terrible.
  6. Agito a42

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    But either way, whether it's steaming because it's freshly made or just emerged from someone's rear end, "a huge steaming bowl of X" is a common set phrase, and there's no problem with your examples in #3, right?
  7. kentix

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    No, there's no problem with those. Like I said, I'm guessing those are the "clean" versions. Lot's of jokes/sayings have "dirty" versions and "clean" versions.
  8. Agito a42

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    Thank you, kentix. I've got it!

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