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  1. Obayda New Member

    I wonder what is the meaning of the name Humam in turkish language? ... if it has any specific meaning or if it has no meaning at all ... and whether if it is used in turkey and if it is not how it sounds for Turkish native speaker and thank you...
  2. Nihilus Member

    There is no such word in Turkish. The closest things I can think of are hamam (public bath) and humma (fever), both loanwords from Arabic.
  3. Obayda New Member

    i want to ask ... if i propose this to an - originally - Turkish girl to name our child with ... is it going to sound good or not ... i need your opinion as turkish native speakers ... and because u know the culture of course ...
  4. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Welcome to the forums Obayda,

    This is not really in the scope of these forums where we deal with linguistic questions, but as a welcome gift I'll try to answer.

    What sounds good and what sounds bad are about personal taste, so you will get different opinions. But to me Humam sounds ... well ... bad. I don't think your Turkish girlfriend would like it. :)
  5. Obayda New Member

    sorry sir for asking but i thought it is possible here ... but let me ask u to complete your favor and if it is possible for you and to rate over 10 ... i mean how good or bad do like it how much u give it over 10... i know it is bit funny but it is important for me and thanks a lot for your patience and kindness ...
  6. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Well, I suppose I would give it a three two out of 10. :)
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  7. carybda New Member

    Humam would be a very very bad choice indeed. It would be quite open to ridicule during school years.
    The closest alternative could be Hüma, phonetically. It means happiness, joy.
  8. SARI7

    SARI7 Member

    Sounds as if there is a misspelling on "humam", or the person who suggested is not a Turkish speaker, and wants to adopt that name in Turkish.
    As Nihilus told at the beginning, there is neither any word nor name in Turkish as HUMAM. Your Turkish missus will ve confused and say the same.

    If you can write it with Arabic script, I could see the names that comes from the same root, or spot the spelling difference with Turkish.
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