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Brazil - Portuguese

After a couple of months I'm back in this forum with some lists of vocabularies to share with people. I decided to organize several subjects in several Excell spreadsheets and it took me a while to do it (well I did it little by little along several weeks in each opportunity I had). I´ve tried to be practical imagining the vocabulary you would need if traveling for a foreign country (sort of those treveling guides). I end up ith several words then...anyway, let's see what happens...

One VERY IMPORTANT issue I've decided to address is the gender of the word: masculine, feminine, or neutral, by puting the article in front of the word. For English it is not important because this language uses "the" for
everything, but for Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and German it is a BIG DEAL.

In German, for instance, each word have either a male, female or neuter
article with no specific rule.

Portuguese have male or female articles depending on the word, also with few rules (and exceptions...). On top of that, the plurals also don´t follow any rule (ok, there are rules with many it is easier only to memorize the plural...)

Let me give an example:

o fogão os fogões

the oven the ovens

der Ofen die Öfen

As you can see there is a vowel change in Portuguese from singular to plural, while in German there is the addition of the umlaut. I know
the plurals and article by hart in Portuguese, but in German I don't know at all both the ARTICLE and the PLURAL!!!....And it is a very important information! (A native knows this by heart).

Therefore, you will see two columns, one for the singular and the other for the plural for the same word, as well as the definite article in front of the word. So I would ask for people to complete the lists with both plural and articles. The only columns I have fully completed are the ones in Portuguese for Brazil. The columns in English are only with the singular, so some one need to complete that (I may do it as soon as I have time, if nobody does that... ;) )

The first spreadsheet is the human body with the vocaularies divided in three plans. For myself I would appreciate the words for German, Italian and Spanish. Of course any other languages are welcomed once it may help other people.

Thank you all and I hope it help you as it may help me

  • moza_moza

    français - France
    I added what i understood in french... but my quota is over, because of other files in excel (in the threads colour and women's apparel) what can i do?

    i add the list of the words there, but some are not translated since i didn't understand the english word sometimes, maybe a definition?

    i also have to notice that in some words, i should have add something else than only the article to say the gender, because some words that begin with a voyel don't show their gender in the article (_l'_ instead of _le_ or _la_ ) I have to repost this in excel but don't know how...

    le corps l'épaulele brasl'avant-brasla mainla paume de la mainle genoule molletla chevillel'orteille piedla plante du piedle talonla poitrine le mamelonla tailleles hanchesle derrière, les fessesle nombrille ventre, l'abdomenle poucel'indexle majeurl'annulairele petit doigt, l'auriculairele doigt l'orteilla jambele ventrele dosle coudeles fesses, le derrière la tête la nuquele mentonle frontle sourcill'oeille nezla jouela bouchela lèvreles cheveux l'oreillele lobe de l'oreillele cou l'oeil le sourcill'irisla pupilleles cilsla paupièrele blanc de l'oeil la peau le boutonle grain de beautéla ride



    I have added words in English, and have put the translation with its plural ones in Spanish (all of them marking with *, so that the promoter of this thread sees the changes)

    added in body parts:
    Some terms in English *
    traductions in Spanish *

    Also, added organs in Spanish and English.

    corrected in black (letters or words)

    Any doubt on the matter, we can speak it in the subforum of grammar ;). I hope to have helped and that others help to continue constructing this glossary.



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    Brazil - Portuguese
    Hi Wintercrossing

    Thanks for giving your contribution. Let´s see if it help more people that is learning English/Spanish. I only missed the articles in the words. It is important because languages, like English, don't use male or female words like Portuguese or Spanish.


    Thank you

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