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    "The city is vast and dense, and the areas that are most popular are ones with a human scale or with open, green space, which is a premium in the city."

    I do not understand the meaning of "human scale", can anyone help me?
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    Please give us the source.
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    'Scale' here is used with the meaning of a balance or measurement. It means that the features of the city environment in that area - the buildings, the roadways - are not so imposing or huge as to overwhelm the people who live among them.

    Imagine a two-storey house with a human standing in front of it - the house is perhaps six times higher than the man. Now imagine the same man in front of a 50-storey tower block: he would be dwarfed by it, over a hundred times smaller. The house is roughly on the same scale as the human, the tower block isn't.

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