humanitarian, human, humane


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" Millions of Dollars owed to the people have been illegally withheld by the enemy, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis"

- Why do we use the adjectif humanitarian, and we didn`t use human or humane?

- In fact what is the difference between those three adjectives. I am really confused!

- I know that humanitarian means concerned with trying to improve people`s lives. So i think human or humane were more suitable! so i don`t know why humanitarian was used???
  • mutagenix

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    Lethal injection is a humane way of executing an individual

    Lethal injection is a humanitarian way of executing an individual.

    Which one is correct? If both, is there any difference in meaning in this context?


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    I think I'd use "humane" or perhaps "merciful" here, Mutagenix. I reserve "humanitarian" as an adjective describing things that benefit large numbers of humans: We started a fund to support humanitarian efforts to relieve misery in Haiti.
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