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Thank you always.

According to the book 'The Third Wave' by Avin Toffler, the first wave is 'Agricultural Revolution' in the neolithic age, and the second one is 'Industrial Revolution', and the Third one is 'Information(al) Revolution'.

During the discussion in my social study class, we talked about this, and we found that the forth and fifth are 'Bio Revolution' and 'Green Revolution'. Then I'm supposed to predict the next 'wave'.

I want to say that the next one is 'Humanitarian revolution' which is the best way to live together. Because I think the techlonogies are fully development to live better life, and it's time to think about others by the ways of donations or volunteers like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

So I want to make a term of this like 'Humanitarian revolution', 'Humanity revolution', or 'Philanthropic revolution' as a name of the Fifth Wave.

Here is my question,

Which one is the best for my thought?

'Humanitarian revolution'
'Humanity revolution'
'Philanthropic revolution'

or do you have any suggestion?
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    I think I like "Humanitarian Revolution" better than the other two. "Social Revolution" occurred to me, but it's certainly not a new term. There have been many social revolutions in the past.
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