humble affair

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Hi, greeting to everyone.

I came acrossed an sub title on an article from newspaper that I'm not sure of the meaning.

The sub title goes:
Thaipusam a humble affair amid more frugal faithful.

Does humble here means cheap? and I'm not sure about the uses of amid here. It's defination I found on internet are very similar to among and in the middle of.

Could you explain what does the sentence means in a very concise way?

Thank you very much!
  • Cenzontle

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    English, U.S.
    The dictionary at the top of this page ("English definition") quotes two published dictionaries for "affair".
    Look at definition #7 in the first one, #8 in the second one: a festive event.
    "Humble", yes, means not costing a lot of money. "Cheap" has a negative implication of low quality,
    but the newspaper headline is not criticizing the event.
    I don't know about Thaipusam; is that a religious festival?
    The faithful are religious people, and... well, you can find "frugal" in the dictionary also.
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