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Segnalo l'errore nella seconda voce, credo dovrebbe essere DISONORATO invece di onorato.
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    I'm sorry but I disagree. The current translation 'onorato' is closer to the mark.
    be humbled
    Essere umiliato is to be humiliated which is not the same as being humbled.
    To be humbled is to be made to feel that you are much less grand than you thought.
    "I was humbled by his kindness." It made me realize how much I owe this man, how my problems are of little importance etc.

    Se un madrelingua inglese mi fa i complimenti per una risposta che scrivo su questo forum, then, I'm humbled, perchè sono contento per il complimento, ma tanto più lo sono perchè riconosco che chi me lo ha fatto conosce l'inglese infinitamente meglio di me.
    In questo senso to be humbled corrisponde al nostro essere lusingato, e pertanto ha un'accezione decisamente positiva.

    to be humbled and delighted

    Same confusion and issue in enes. I'm guessing that the 'disonorato' would definitely not work in the sentences I quoted in this report:
    English base - humbled
    President Obama 'deeply humbled' after winning Nobel Peace Prize
    President Obama 'deeply humbled' after winning Nobel Peace Prize
    > El presidente Obama 'profundamente humillado' después de ganar el Premio Nobel de la Paz :eek:

    Obama “deeply humbled” by Nobel Peace Prize
    Obama “deeply humbled” by Nobel Peace Prize
    > Obama "profundamente humillado" por el Premio Nobel de la Paz :eek:

    be humbled (in speeches by a Queen, President...)
    the Queen of England declared herself humbled by the way British families celebrated together.
    > la Reina de Inglaterra se declaró humillada por la forma en que las familias británicas celebraron juntas.

    I was humbled when I received the award
    "I was/felt humbled when I received the award."
    > "Me sentí humillado cuando recibí el premio".

    What 'humbled' means here with the sense 'made to feel humility' (and not 'humiliation'):

    Definition of humbled | Dictionary.com
    1. made less proud, especially by awe or admiration, or by gratitude for help received, an undeserved advantage or honor, etc.:The land is a perpetual gift; I am humbled like a stranger who is invited to dinner and fed the best food in the house.

    humbled - Wiktionary
    The use of such forms as "I am humbled" in victory speeches and the like has been criticised as an oxymoron given the meaning of the verb humble. It indicates modesty via a sense of unworthiness of the honor, or surprise at one's success; humility rather than humiliation.