Humildes peregrinos... +... (POSADAS song)

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  1. mjscott Senior Member

    In fifth grade I heard a Posadas song. The main part had lyrics something like this:

    Humildes peregriños

    Jesus, María y José.

    Mi amor está con ellos;

    Mi corazón también.

    What I need, is the lyrics before this. The tune was a little livelier before the above lyrics, and the tune was the following:
    mi, fa, sol, mi, do (high), la, sol, mi;
    mi, fa, sol, la fa, sol, mi;
    mi, fa, sol, mi, do (high), la, sol, mi;
    mi, fa, sol, la fa, sol, mi.

    I know that "pilgrims" in Spanish is peregrinos, but I'm almost sure that when I heard the record it was peregriños.

    Thanks for helping. :p
  2. Artrella Banned


    Hi mj!! look at this I've found a lot of lyrics for "Las Posadas" but I'm afraid it is not what you want. Check that site.

    Besos, Art :) ;) :p
  3. mjscott Senior Member

    I looked at a few of the songs--will search further after running to the store to try and find one last spice needed before stores close.

    As always, Art, your helpfulness is only superceded by the sweetness with which you deliver your help. Wishing you peace and contentment during this wonderful and holy season.

    Anyone else with the words to the song right on the tip of your tongue, please feel free to chime in. Maybe it wasn't Posadas--if you recognize the lyrics and/or the tune (first posting), I'd love to know the words to what I've been humming all these years!

    Best wishes to all!
  4. rainy7 Senior Member

    UK, English
    Hola. :)

    I'm not sure if this may be exactly what you're looking for because there is no preceding part, just the lyrics that follow the ones that you mentioned.
    Anyway, here it is:


    Humildes peregrinos,
    Jesús, María y José
    mi alma os doy y por ellos
    mi corazón también.

    Oh, peregrina agraciada,
    oh, bellísima María,
    yo te ofrezco el alma mía
    para tengais posada.

    God save the Google ;) :p

    PS. Oops, I've just noticed the first part is not exactly the same as the one mentioned in the above post. :eek:

    PPS. Maybe this page could be of help:"Humildes+peregrinos"&hl=en
  5. mjscott Senior Member

    Thank you rainy7! I'm sure you're right--I was in fifth grade when I heard it and had never been exposed to Spanish before! I'm wondering if the part I'm speaking about was another song on the same record. I have heard the music only (no words) in cultural films about Las Posadas since then, but never with words. Maybe someone who knows the scale (do re mi) will try to decipher my attempts at music on a restricted word processor:

    mi, fa, sol, mi, do (high), la, sol, mi;

    mi, fa, sol, la fa, sol, mi;

    mi, fa, sol, mi, do (high), la, sol, mi;

    mi, fa, sol, la fa, sol, mi.

    Thank you so very much again for your helpfulness. :D

    Would that there was a music (notes) google!
    Thanks again!
  6. sanchopanza Member

    USA English
    I don't know what city youi're in, but any major city in the U.S. should ahve song books with the Posadas iin it. There are many verses possible. I don't know how to use this site to send a personal email direct to you, but if you can provide me with a mail address, I can send you a cassette tape with the melody I'll leave it to you to check with the site to see how I can communicate with you directly, without putting my email address in thsi section for te world to see.

    I was going to type out one verse, but got carried away. The versino I know goes as follows::
    En el nombre del cielo
    Os pido posada
    Pues no puede andar
    Mi esposa amada.

    Aqui no es meson
    Sigan adelante
    Yo no debo abrir
    No va a ser un tunante

    Posada os pide
    Amado casero
    Por solo una noche
    La reina del cielo

    Pues si es una reina
    Que lo solicita
    Como es que de noche
    Anda tan solita.

    Mi esposa es Maria
    Es reina del cielo
    Y madre va a ser
    Del divino verbo

    Eres tu Jose?
    Tu esposa es Maria?
    Entren peregrinos
    No los conocia

    Entren santos peregrinos, peregrinos
    Reciban este rincon
    No desdenen la morada, la morada
    Que le da mi corazon.

    Que los coros celestiales, celestiales
    Le preparen la mansion
    Y los cielos y la tierra, y la tierra
    Canten canten en su honor.

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