humming the president’s tune


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Source:Manufacturing jobs are defying expectations

<——-Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)——->Calculations by The Economist suggest that the counties that voted for Mr Trump in November 2016 have experienced larger manufacturing job gains since 2011. They have also tended to see the largest gains since the election. In these places, manufacturing’s share of overall employment has risen relative to the rest of the country. Far from dying off, manufacturing in America appears to be humming the president’s tune.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean? Thanks in advance.
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    Supporting / backing the president. I think it's similar to our idiom "to sing from the same song sheet" here:from the
    sing from the same song sheet
    BRITISHIf two or more people sing from the same hymn sheet or sing from the same song sheet, they express the same opinions about a subject in public.


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    It's a bit odd because "manufacturing" in this sentence is not a sentient being that can make decisions on supporting or opposing a president.

    But the general idea is that the manufacturing industry as a whole is experiencing the sort of conditions that Trump promised would exist if he was elected.
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