humorous vs comic?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by chobalsim, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. chobalsim Senior Member

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    What's the difference between a humorous story and a comic story?
  2. evilregis Senior Member

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    The correct term would be a 'comical story', and they're pretty much the same thing.
  3. JamesM

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    I agree that comical and humorous are pretty much synonymous, but I think you can have both "comic" and "comical". A comic play and a tragic play are actually two archetypes of drama. A comic play may not necessarily be comical/humorous, but it follows a certain formula.

    To me, the difference is a point of view. A comic love story may be intended to be humorous, but I may not personally find it humorous. In other words, it may be intended to get a laugh but doesn't get one from me. :)

    If someone says "a humorous love story", I assume they found it funny. If they say, "a comic love story", I know what the intentions of the playwright were but not the opinion of the person speaking.
  4. anadanach

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    That was a wonderful explanation, thank you!

    I had to translate 'comercial humorístico', I went with 'humorous commercial', since the idea was to sell the comercial itself. In a more impartial type of writing, then I would've chosen 'comic comercial'. Would you say that's correct? Any thoughts or suggestions?

    I would appreciate any input on the matter :)
  5. JamesM

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    (Just a note... our "commercial" always has two m's. :) Those shared words are the hardest to spell, in my experience. )

    A "comic commercial" sounds a little odd to me. After reading what I wrote a year and a half ago, I wonder what I was thinking. :)

    I think I would write "a comical commercial."

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