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i'm trying to translate a subtitle but there's this line that i didn't understand what it means.

And then the other fella says, "Thank God
for that. I thought me hump had burst."

i think they're talking while they're drunk. it must be some kind of a joke cause people are laughing.
can you guys be more clear about the meaning of this please?

also, one more thing. this is a subtitle from Chelmsford 123. in some lines people using " 'Ere "

'Ere, Mungo, he's dead! or It would seem that this Roman 'ere came -
what does it mean?
  • lingobingo

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    It seems to be part of a crude joke about Quasimodo, “the Hunchback of Notre Dame”. A hunchback is someone who suffers from a bone deformity resulting in a hump on his or her back.


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    It seems to be a punchline from a joke. Fella = fellow; me = my.
    'Ere = here. The apostrophe is a signal that a letter has been omitted from the word.
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