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    I created a thread about Kidara (name of the father of the Kidarite Kingdom) but an important question has not yet been answered: Does that name sound like a Hunnic or Turkic name? If so, what does it mean? Any reconstruction or attempt to explain it from a Hunnic or Turkic perspective will be welcomed here. Thank you.
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    In 456, there were OnOgurs that lived in Caucasus named Kidars. Today many of their descendents are living among the Turkic population of the Borchali part of Georgia (concentrated in the village of Sadakli). They are also most probably among the descendants of Scythians.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure about its meaning. But Gider-Kider means "he goes, he runs away, he is going away" or if we think in Ogur Turkic "the goers, the ones that are going away" or the "ar" part is the plural suffix (lar in Turkish). There are more possibilities. Gada means "sorrow, pain, unhappiness" > It might mean "the sorrowful ones". Kut means "the right to rule, luck, etc" > It might mean "the lucky ones".. Güt means "to herd" > It might mean "the herders" There are other possibilities but the most probable one is the first definition I gave.

    History is full of Turks named after something similar to "going" probably because history is Turks is mostly about one group of ethnic Turks chasing away another group of ethnic Turks all around the world mutually. Hopefully, there aren't any Turks left around us to chase us away from Turkey :p
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