hurry me or hurry me up

Discussion in 'English Only' started by liangmike, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. liangmike Senior Member

    Please don't hurry me or please don't hurry me up

    which one is correct? or both is correct and there is a difference ?
  2. Suspishio

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    Of the two, "please don't hurry me" looks slightly more natural so far as I am concerned and it's purely a matter of personal choice. They both mean the same and you won't be criticised for either.

    As a BrE speaker, I would prefer to say "please don't rush me".

    Hope that helps.
  3. se16teddy

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    I think to hurry someone is a bit different from to hurry someone up.
    - To hurry someone up means to encourage them to do something faster.
    - To hurry someone additionally contains the idea that there is a risk that the hurrying will cause mistakes.
  4. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    With your second example, I think that's like 'rush' (don't rush me so I make a mistake..)
    But I think you've explained (certainly a valid) PART of the meaning, but by no means is that exactly what your second sentence means, it has the same meaning as the first one, but of course, in the second one we have the nuance you described..
    [Edit] I just reread that paragraph and realised it made near-to-no sense..

    What I meant was.... "to hurry someone" means the same as "to hurry someone up", and can mean that it means there is a risk that it will cause a mistake, but that's not what the sentence by itself means, but rather what it can mean
    (where the other one couldn't, nobody says "Don't hurry me up") they generally have the same meaning, and the second quoted example can mean it's possible to make a mistake when doing it (also like 'to rush)).

    I personally would never say "to hurry someone up", but only just use the imperative form 'hurry up!'....

    In a contextual example I would say "Don't rush me!" as well, but if I was forced into saying one of the others it would definitely be the one without 'up' ...

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