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In these sentences which is correct?
1. Aren't they ready yet? I wish they hurried up.
2. Aren't they ready yet? I wish they would hurry up.
  • I agree with elroy that #2 makes sense, but I want to point out that it would be a rare context in which sentence #1's "I wish they hurried up" could work at all. "I wish they had hurried up" or even "I wish they would have hurried up" could work in other contexts. I don't think "I wish they hurried up" would sound quite right in any context. Maybe a humorous one. Of course, "hurry up" itself is somewhat informal...


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    I always end up leaving my apartment late in the morning because I have to wait for my roommates to be done with the bathroom. I wish they hurried up when they realized that someone was waiting to use it, but it seems that they don't care.

    It can be used if you're wishing for a change in habit.
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